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Where we're going

The Vision for Community View

To see a restored Manawaru community facility as a hub like the dairy factory once was in its day. We want two things from this project. Firstly, to see a strong, and vibrant community using Community View, with a sense of ownership. Then secondly, to develop a strong sense of community care and concern.

A hub where everyone is welcome and known

Another centre of focus for the district to have pride in

A fun place to gather and connect, to laugh and enjoy

A great facility for children of our district to use

Before and After

We have been making many changes and there is more to come. We will keep transforming this site and make it a wonderful place for the community around us.

Change is coming

The Manawaru community

Our maunga is Mount Te Aroha, the mountain of love, our hills are the Kaimai (“ food for us” ) which is the ever-changing vista as a backdrop to our pasture lands, food production and local education in all its forms. Our awa is the Waihou river delivering “ new water” every day through our region, some of it from the mighty Wairere falls a little further south. Our whenua is the Piako, once a swampy “hollow” laden with harakeke (flax), but now a wonderful place to live, or pass through on a journey of discoveries.

In context we wish any anxious hearts to leave our village delighted with a sample of rural hospitality and delighted in what we have to offer.

Why are we doing this?

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To serve, connect and strengthen our community through educational, recreational, social and spiritual engagement.

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